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Lately updates!
dP|Admin| Theaser88 0 Comments · 27th Jul 2013
Hello madakafaaaas!

I want to point some things:
1-To have a forum is nice, putting an system that you can trust! Admins/Mods/PRO forum powers!
2-I want to thank FATGRANDAD, cuz he put a forum up and running and because he helped dP, 1Month Server/Forum Creation/Players/Strats.....but lately he was too cocky and our platoon was going down. We could not risk and let the platoon go down with him, but he did a good thing by leaving the platoon.
3-Staff ranking system(may be changed in time)
➽Theaser88 ★ Founder ★ Game Contact ★
➽Vladllk1000 ★ Co-Founder ★
➽Fortza_Steagu ★ Co-Founder ★
➽Genialbodo ★ 2nd in command ★ Recruitment ★
➽NFS_IRT_SMUGGLER ★ Air Sq Leader ★
➽Ruphold ★ Armor Leader ★ Video Manager ★
➽The Danish Ninja ★Head Forum Mod ★ Tactical ★
➽Border Hopper 101 ★ Forum Mod ★ Video Manager ★
➽Zombiefish 42 ★ Forum Mod ★
➽Anarkosi 1987 ★ Forum Mod ★
➽Mr Jimmster ★ Forum Mod ★

Their job will be posted soon and forum powers as well!

We will continue playing in ETT4 since we have a good chance to go far in playoffs! This weekend will be free and i will try get opinions from Staff about next match position!!!


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